How to configure the custom console URL in ROSA?

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  • Red Hat OpenShift service on AWS(ROSA)
    • 4.14+


  • How to configure the custom console URL in ROSA?
  • How can the hostname and TLS certificate of component routes such as the OAuth, Console, and Downloads be modified?


  • Check the latest ROSA CLI is installed and the OpenShift cluster version is 4.14 or higher.
$ rosa version
$ oc get clusterversion
  • Create and save the secret in the namespace openshift-config. The domain and the TLS secret need to be a wildcard domain and should resolve to the endpoint of the load balancer in the DNS records of the new domain.
$ oc create secret tls component-tls --cert=XXXXXX.pem --key=key-XXXXX.pem -n openshift-config 
  • Modify the ingress.
$ rosa edit ingress -c <cluster-ID> --cluster-routes-hostname <Components route hostname for oauth, console, download> --cluster-routes-tls-secret-ref <Components route TLS secret reference for oauth, console, download>

IMPORTANT: The --cluster-routes-hostname and --cluster-routes-tls-secret-ref parameters of rosa edit ingress have been temporarily disabled due to a bug: OCPBUGS-29373. This will be reintroduced in a future release.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check the console URL.
$ rosa describe cluster -c <cluster name> 
  • Also when you try to edit the ingress by running the rosa edit ingress command as mentioned in the resolution section, you will end up getting the following error as the feature is blocked currently due to the bug mentioned in resolution section and will be fixed in a future release.
E: Failed to update ingress 'xxxx' on cluster '<cluster-id>': Updating cluster routes hostname to something other than '' is unsupported at the moment.

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