Possible System Hangs during recovery from I/O perturbation in Qlogic boot from SAN configurations in RHEL 5.7 and RHEL5.8.

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8
  • Qlogic driver version:
  • Boot from SAN


  • This problem was initially reported by HP Storage Division, but could possibly affect other vendor solutions and configurations.
  • In rare instances with boot from SAN configurations and QLogic HBAs, some I/O error recovery scenarios can lead to system hangs.


  • The following bug has been fixed in following errata: RHBA-2012-0361

Root Cause

  • A recent change in the QLogic driver introduced a bug which could, under rare circumstances, cause the system to become unresponsive. This problem occurred during I/O error recovery on systems using SAN configurations with QLogic Fibre Channel Hot Bus Adapters (HBAs). This update corrects the qlogic driver so the system no longer hangs in this scenario.

  • A internal bugzilla for this issue was filed : Bug 782790

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