Move static Egress IP to another node fails with: "Multiple nodes claiming EgressIP" error

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  • Red Hat Openshift Container Platform (OCP) 3.9


  • When trying to move a static IP address for external project traffic (egress) from one node to another , despite of the configuration has been verified successfully, the application is not working.


  • Delete egress IP configuration from node where egress IP is currently allocated.
  • Restart atomic-openshift-node service in the node where the egress IP was allocated, and in the node that will be hosted.
  • Apply the configuration in the desired final node as per commands:
# oc patch hostsubnet node2 -p '{"egressIPs": [""]} 
# oc patch netnamespace MyProject -p '{"egressIPs": ["”]}'

  • Verify the correct behavior of the application.

Root Cause

  • Probably due to the ARP cache

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check atomic-openshift-node log on the node hosting the egress IP:
# journalctl -lu atomic-openshift-node | grep EgressIP
 Feb 26 11:16:39 atomic-openshift-node[98152]: E0123 11:16:39.891333   98191 egressip.go:117] Multiple nodes claiming EgressIP "" (nodes "", "")

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