Is it possible to utilize Virtual Datacenter subscription on a cluster ?

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  • VMware Esxi Host
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Hypervisors
  • KVM/Libvirt
  • virt-who


  • Can we use virt-who on a cluster ?
  • Is it possible to configure virt-who on a cluster (set of hypervisors) ?


Virtual Data Center is a Hypervisor based subscription. This subscription can only be added on the hypervisor profile which is generated on the portal after configuring virt-who service. The virt-who agent interrogates the hypervisor and provides the host/guest mapping to the subscription service.

A single subscription cannot be configured on the cluster (set of hypervisors). It is necessary to have separate subscription for each of the hypervisor running under cluster in order to keep all the virtual machines subscribed since the machines are generally configured failovers.

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