When Creating Private Flavors Specifying Project Produces Error

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Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10


When creating a private flavor within a specified project with the below command:

openstack flavor create --ram 1024 --disk 20 --vcpus 1 --private --project <project-id> Demo-Test

the following error is observed:

Failed to add project <project-id> access to flavor: Flavor auto could not be found. (HTTP 404) (Request-ID: req-f7bd5faa-1dc4-4cc4-b5c7-6244fe516386)


One can workaround this issue by doing one of two things:

1) Create the flavor first and then assign to the project.

2) Auto generate a UUID number and add it as the ID on the original command:

# uuidgen
#openstack flavor create --ram 1024 --disk 20 --vcpus 1 --private --project <project-id> Demo-Test -id eaed49f6-31bd-4112-b240-7d324275522b

Root Cause

Currently there is a bug related to this issue being tracked in engineering: BZ#1436837

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