Which application servers are supported for BRMS?

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  • JBoss Enterprise Business Rules Management System Platform (BRMS)
    • 5.3.0
  • jBPM
    • 5.2


  • Is running an uncertified application server version with the BRMS 'Deployable Package' supported?


  • jBPM5 and BRMS runtime libraries are supported under JVMs listed in the Supported Configurations article. Also certified Java EE containers are listed on the same article as well.
  • Red Hat Support will provide all commercially reasonable efforts to support customers who are running BRMS on an uncertified version of an application server. However, if we feel that the root cause of a reported issue is due to the application server version, or the interoperability of the application server version with BRMS, the customer will be required to reproduce and troubleshoot the problem on a supported version of EAP.

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