Nova list does not show networks for all instances

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  • Red Hat OpenStack 6.0
  • openstack-nova < 2014.2.3-5


When create a stack using heat with multiple instances, each connected to two networks. Networks column is empty for some of the instances when using # nova list.

If using command "neutron port-list", all ports and networks are listed properly. Also in Dashboard (Instances list) all IP addresses are visible.


Thisues has been fix OSP6 A3 errata RHBA-2015-0931

When deploying too many instances at the same time, a race condition could be 
declared in the code and the network cache of some instance could be corrupted.
This resulted in invalid network information for some instances. With this update,
a lock is now added when refreshing the network cache of instances. As a result, 
the network caching of instances is no longer invalid.

Info: This do not recover the network cache of an instance that already has its network info cache deleted.

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