Determine if a JBoss ON agent is available using the remote API or CLI

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  • Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (ON) 3.1, 3.2
  • JBoss ON remote API or command-line interface (CLI) script
  • Retrieving AvailabilityType for a resource's agent -- e.g. myResource.getAgent()


  • Get agent availability
  • No getCurrentAvailability() or isAvailable() method for the Agent domain object
  • Determine if a resource's agent is running


To retrieve an agent's availability status, you must retrieve its platform resource and invoke its getCurrentAvailability() method.

// retrieve the platform resource for a given agentId
resCriteria = new ResourceCriteria();
// a platform is a singleton so we should only get 1 row back
// we can then grab its availability type directly
platformAvailType = ResourceManager.findResourcesByCriteria(resCriteria).get(0).getCurrentAvailability().getAvailabilityType();
if ( platformAvailType != AvailabilityType.UP ) { 
    println("The agent for " + myResource.getName() + " is not UP!");

Root Cause

The Agent domain object is not derived from a Resource domain object. This means that it does not expose the normal resource operations and attributes.

Each agent has a platform as the top level resource for all child server and service resources. If the platform resource is down, then the agent is either down or not responding.

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