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Chapter 18. What data does the subscriptions service store?

The subscriptions service gathers data to track usage by using several tools, including Red Hat Insights, Red Hat Subscription Management, Red Hat Satellite and the Satellite inventory upload plugin, OpenShift Cluster Manager, the Red Hat OpenShift monitoring stack, and others. The number of tools that are helping to gather data for your account depends on your subscription profile and the products in it, because different tools are used to gather data for different products.

For more information about the data that is gathered and stored by Red Hat Insights, Red Hat Subscription Management, or other products, see that product’s documentation.

The subscriptions service uses the data that is gathered in three ways:

  • To make sure that inventory is counted only once. Some data is used for deduplication, in both primary and secondary storage.
  • To link data submissions to the proper account and to log how and from what resource the data was received. Some quality control data is included.
  • To calculate subscription values. Some data indicates the presence of Red Hat software and powers the usage portion of the subscriptions service.

The subscriptions service itself stores only a subset of the data that is collected by Red Hat Insights. The primary data that is stored by the subscriptions service includes information related to installed Red Hat products, system size, and other similar system characteristics.

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