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Chapter 4. July 2022

4.1. Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

4.1.1. Advisor

Displaying Satellite-managed systems in Insights Advisor by default

You no longer have the ability to hide Satellite-managed systems in Advisor because all accounts were changed to show these systems in the Advisor application by default. This feature had previously resided under Settings - Applications - Advisor: Show Satellite-managed hosts. See the Displaying Satellite-managed systems in Insights Advisor by default - Red Hat Customer Portal knowledge article for additional information.

Disabled recommendation in response to the retbleed vulnerability

Product Security analysis showed that the new Retbleed vulnerability could be exploited on some systems when retpoline is enabled. In response, Red Hat Insights disabled an existing performance recommendation that encouraged using retpoline as mitigation for Spectre v2.

4.1.2. Compliance

RBAC update, new roles, etc.

The compliance service now supports granular permissions along with two canned roles that are provided: The Compliance Admin role and the Compliance read-only role. With the release of this feature, you can grant custom-level permissions per your organizational needs. See the Insights Compliance — improvements to role-based access control - Red Hat Customer Portal knowledge article and Insights Compliance - upcoming improvements to RBAC - Red Hat Customer Portal discussion for additional information.

Improvements to PDF reports

Significant updates were made to the PDF reports within the compliance service to handle large amounts of data. Because larger organizations are adopting the service, this is a necessary step that improves the overall experience.

4.1.3. Drift

Bug fixes and UI enhancements

A couple of small bug fixes and enhancements are now available in Drift, including:

  • Global filtering is now set correctly in the system selection modal
  • Sort on baseline facts is now available
  • All tables now have sticky headers (headers are kept on the page when scrolling down)

4.1.4. Insights client and Remote Host Configuration (RHC)

RHC single-step registration

With the rhc client, you can now register systems to both Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) and Insights for RHEL using the # rhc connect command.

Additional steps might be required to configure the remediation functionality. See the Registering your host using RHC knowledge article for additional information.

4.1.5. Malware detection (public beta)

Red Hat Insights has published additional malware detection signatures, bringing the total number of signatures to 170. In addition to the additional signatures you can get additional context to help educate you about the potential impacts of matching those signatures. You can now see information about the type of malware the signature represents, and you can link to background discovery information and analysis reports provided by IBM X-Force.

4.1.6. Notifications and integrations

New wizard for creating and editing notifications behavior group(s)

Behavior group(s) creation and association of events now follow a step-by-step wizard. This provides additional functionality, such as associating multiple events to a behavior group at once (including selecting all events). This wizard is also used when editing an existing behavior group.

New notification events from vulnerability, patch, and compliance services

In addition to Advisor, Drift, and Policies, new events are now triggered from vulnerability, patch and compliance services. These events can be used for email and webhook notifications and with our Splunk integration, which was released last month. These new events are:

  • 4 new events for Vulnerability: New vulnerability with CVSS >= 7.0, Any vulnerability with a known exploit, New vulnerability containing Security rule, and New vulnerability with Critical Severity
  • 1 new event for Patch: New advisory
  • 2 new events for Compliance: System is non-compliant to SCAP policy, and the Policy report failed to upload

4.2. Red Hat Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Impact of Ansible packaging changes on Insights

Ansible recently announced some changes to their packaging with Ansible Engine and Ansible Core. The details of these changes and how they impact RHEL and Insights can be found in the Updates to using Ansible in RHEL 8.6 and 9.0 blog post. The implications of this change required some updates to how Insights works with Ansible, specifically ensuring Red Hat’s continued support of those use cases that may use the modules that were removed from the Ansible core package. Insights now packages the modules that were removed from Ansible core, but using these modules now requires the use of Remote Host Configuration as documented in the Insights Remediation knowledge article.