Identifying and Removing Products that do not have a Valid Subscription

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Hello all,

I have a server that is registered to RH Satellite and is not a capsule. However, the server was initially deployed by someone else with a RH Satellite Infrastructure subscription and had some packages (such as python2-pycurl) "updated" with the satellite-capsule versions instead of the regular versions. This has created the issue of subscription-manager reporting that some of my installed products don't have a valid subscription.

[root@server ~]# subscription-manager status
   System Status Details
Overall Status: Invalid

Red Hat Satellite Capsule:
- Not supported by a valid subscription.

System Purpose Status: Matched

I've identified at least some of the packages using yum list installed | grep "rhel-7-server-sat". All of those have been replaced with their normal versions or removed entirely. I've also done the standard "remove, unregister, and re-register" loop with subscription-manager. I'm still getting the same error.

My ultimate goal is to upgrade the server from 7.9 to 8.8 using Leapp. However, Leapp will not let me upgrade as long as the error exists. The server is under a RHEL for Virtual Datacenters w/ Satellite subscription so I'm fairly certain I can't go without RHSM.

2024-03-20 12:27:25.767281 [ERROR] Actor: scan_subscription_manager_info
Message: A subscription-manager command failed to execute
    Details: Command ['subscription-manager', 'status'] failed with exit code 1.
    Hint: Please ensure you have a valid RHEL subscription and your network is up. If you are using proxy for Red Hat subscription-manager, please make sure it is specified inside the /etc/rhsm/rhsm.conf file. Or use the --no-rhsm option when running leapp, if you do not want to use subscription-manager for the in-place upgrade and you want to deliver all target repositories by yourself or using RHUI on public cloud.

I understand that I could add the subscription back temporarily to satisfy subscription-manager and get the upgrade, but that's a workaround and not solving the root of the issue.

My question: How can I identify what packages need to be removed to satisfy subscription-manager? Is there any other actions I need to take to get subscription-manager to recognize the issue?