LVM lvcreate - How to specify %PVS ?

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Hi community,

I can use %FREE but can not specific PVS when using %PVS. May I made mistake?

Following man lvcreate:

-l|--extents Number[PERCENT]
The suffix %VG denotes the total size of the VG, the suffix %FREE the remaining free space in the VG, and the suffix %PVS the free space in the specified PVs
[root@huyvl-linux-training ~]# lvcreate --name lv_mysql --extents 50%FREE vg_database
  Logical volume "lv_mysql" created.
[root@huyvl-linux-training ~]# pvs
  PV         VG          Fmt  Attr PSize   PFree  
  /dev/vdb1  vg_database lvm2 a--  <10.00g <10.00g
  /dev/vdc1  vg_database lvm2 a--  <20.00g   5.00g
[root@huyvl-linux-training ~]# lvcreate --name lv_postgres --extents 100%PVS /dev/vdb1 vg_database
  Volume group "vdb1" not found
  Cannot process volume group vdb1
[root@huyvl-linux-training ~]#