OCP 4.10.9 mirror registry in air gapped includes quay.io

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Hi, I am trying to create mirror registry in an air gapped environment. Following the link below. I get to the step to populate the air gapped registry from a file I have transferred, but the command does not work. Im following the instructions in the link.


So I am doing OCP 4.10.9 –

[root@registry mirror]# oc image mirror -a ${LOCAL_SECRET_JSON} --from-dir='/tmp/mirror' 'file://openshift/release:4.10.9-x86_64*' ${LOCAL_REGISTRY}/${LOCAL_REPOSITORY}

Translates to: oc image mirror -a /opt/registry/downloads/secrets/pull-secret-bundle.json --from-dir=/tmp/mirror file://openshift/release:4.10.9-x86_64* registry.prolifics.com:5000/ocp/openshift4

error: you must specify at least one source image to pull and the destination to push to as SRC=DST or SRC DST [DST2 DST3 ...]
[root@registry mirror]# ls /tmp/mirror
config v2