openstack 16.1 overcloud deployment issue

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I am trying to deploy RHOSP 16.1
3xControllers, 3xNetworkers, 3xTelemetry, and 2xCompute nodes.
All nodes are VMs running on RHV 4, except Compute nodes which are physical Dell servers.
Actually I am trying to build LAB environment identical to our production.
Director installed, all nodes introspection went good.

The issue is when I run the "deploy" script to install overcloud, the deployment complete with error, and I see all network interfaces on each overcloud node have taken the controlplane IP (for example, all nics on controller-1 have the same IP address which is the controlplane IP!), something wrong in my templates and I cannot figure it out.

attached: templates,,, and tmux session output.
Anybody please help find out what I am doing wrong here...