RHV Hosts subscription type shows "Physical" on customer portal

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I have 4 RHV 4.4.6 (el8.4) hosts in my environment.

I have issue, 2 RHV hosts registered and subscribed, But they are shown as "Physical" on redhat customer portal and therefore guests running on those 2 hosts are not recognized (I am using virt-who).

I tried re-registering/attaching those 2 RHV hosts, but they are still shown as "Physical". Cannot figure out why those hosts not shown as "Hypervisor".

My subscription is "Red Hat Cloud Suite, Premium (2 Sockets, 32 Cores)"
Utilization is %50
The other 2 RHV hosts are shown as "Hypervisor" and their guests are recognized properly and subscription using virt-who is working fine.

what I need to do so that all RHV hosts show as "Hypervisor" on customer portal ??