JWS 5.0.2 & JWS 5.2.0 with OpenJDK 11 running on Windows caused the Windows Service to crash on start

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Hi there

When I am running JWS 5.0.2 or JWS 5.2.0 with OpenJDK 11 on windows, it's failing to start on window service, the reason being is the commons daemon has a problem and it's has been fixed in Commons Daemon 1.2.2. However, the Commons Daemon version in JWS 5.2.0 and JWS 5.0.2 still 1.0.0 which contains the bug.

Open Source Tomcat has already fixed this by upgrading the commons daemon to 1.2.2 in their 9.0.27 release. https://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-9.0-doc/changelog.html from 19th Sep 2019

Does anyone have the same issue? Is there an ETA on when this will be fixed in the future release of of the JWS?

Thank you.