Red Hat Customer Convergence Event - Atlanta, GA

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Hi Folks,

I report to you after yet another successful Customer Convergence event. On Thursday August 1st we had a very enjoyable day in Atlanta where customers and RedHatters came together to chat about technology, where they fit in the industry, best practices, and what is coming down the line.

As we mentioned previously, many of you have indicated that lack of travel budget or other reasons keep you from joining us at Red Hat Summit. To help with this we created the Customer Convergence event. The Customer Convergence event is a regional 1-day conference where we fly in specialists on topics of interest to the customers in that region. The planning starts months ahead with a survey of customers and what they would like to hear about. From this we pick out the topics and reach out to the developers responsible for that area of code for comment.

The Atlanta event is our 4th one, and they have been very well received. We had specialists from Storage, Systems Management, Product Management, and Middleware joining us for the day in the sunny southern city. Here are the topics selected by the local customers:

Platform Track:
- Linux File Systems: Enabling Cutting Edge Features in RHEL 6 & 7 - Ric Wheeler, Architect & Senior Manager, File and Storage Team
- Planning for RHEL7, a discussion with the Product Manager - Ron Pacheco, Senior Manager, Product Management
- Satellite provisioning deep dive - anaconda, cobbler, and best practices - Stephen Herr, Software Engineer
- Linux Kernel Crash Capture and Analysis, Performance monitoring, Tracing, Tuning Tools - Christopher Suleski, Senior Technical Account Manager & Linda Wang, Senior Software Engineering Manager

Middleware Track:
- OpenShift Enterprise - Brain Ashburn, Senior Solution Architect
- JON - Deep dive on Mgmt & Provisioning & Monitoring - Alan Santos, Product Manager
- JON and EAP - Jeremy Davis, Solution Architect
- JBoss A-MQ - Brian Ashburn, Senior Solution Architect

Closing Presentation:
- QE Customer Testing Scenarios - How Red Hat tests its software and how you can get involved - Summer Maynard, Senior Manager; Jeff Needle, Principal Quality Engineer; Sarahjane Clark, User Experience Researcher and Designer

We also had round-table discussions where informal conversations went deep into the rabbit hole on further technical topics. Once you put the right people in the room together, it seems that you can't get them to stop talking :)

How do you guys feel about these kinds of events? Interested in having one in your region? How could we make them better?