removal of SAS-2 controller drivers in RHEL 8

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I've recently been made aware that RHEL 8 will remove certain devices that were previously supported by the mpt2sas driver, as listed here:

I can certainly understand the need to purge old drivers that are no longer relevant, especially those storage controllers from the SAS-1 or SATA-I/II era. However, among the removed drivers are the LSI SAS2008/2108/2116/etc. I point these out specifically for 2 reasons:

1) They are SAS-2/SATA-III storage controllers, which are still very much relevant if we're talking about storage servers that are still using traditional spinning HDDs. As much as SSDs and NVMe storage have grown in the storage space, I think HDDs still have very important roles to play (bulk storage, media storage, backup storage, etc.) Using faster SAS-3 controllers on HDDs would be a real waste. So, I don't fully understand the decision to remove these drivers?

2) LSI SAS2008/2108/2116 storage controllers are still widely deployed. They are also often re-used from the 2nd hand market for building storage servers for small/medium size businesses, start-up companies, as well as "home lab" hobbyists. They are also often re-branded by Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo, etc., so are in very wide circulation. With this change, all these systems that still use these controllers would not have an easy path to upgrade to RHEL 8.

So, my questions are:

a) What was the reasoning for removing these specific drivers?
b) Will RedHat re-consider this decision, or is this etched in stone at this point?
c) If this decision cannot be modified, can RHEL provide a "legacy driver" kernel driver sub-package so that servers with these controllers can upgrade to RHEL8 in the future?