Running Tomcat within Openshift and maintaining state of hosted website on Openshift shutdown

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I've installed Openshift 3.7 and have installed Tomcat with Ozone Widget Framework. When I run OpenShift I run it with this: oc cluster up --host-data-dir=/home//openshiftdata --use-existing-config where is my user account. When I take down oc with 'oc cluster down' and bring it back up again with oc cluster up --host-data-dir=/home//openshiftdata --use-existing-config the pod does survive the shut down, but the state is not entirely retained. I created a dashboard within OWF and setup some internal widgets for a demo. When I bring oc back up, my dashboard is missing as if it didn't exist.

How do I get my dashboard to stay? The normal behavior for running OWF in Tomcat outside of Openshift is to retain all user entered and setup configurations, including new dashboards and widget configurations.