Some questions about Messaging in JBoss EAP 7.0.*

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Hello everybody,

I have some questions about Configuring Messaging for JBoss EAP 7.0.*:

The architecture of the system looks like this:

4 different Linux systems. On every System runs one JBoss-EAP-standalone-instance.

In every JBoss-instance are 5 different queues. Only one of these instances can filling the queue. Every instance listening on this queues, but only one will receive the


This should be a point-to-point-Pattern, if I understand it correctly ?!

I'd like create the queues with cli-scripts. So I have to define all 5 queues in every JBoss-EAP-instance. I will take a look into the "Management CLI Guide"...

What do I have to consider in the configuration of these queues ?

Another question is about the persistence of the messages?

What do I have to consider about the persistence ?

Thanks for your replies !