Gemalto Cyberflex Access 64k smartcard not being recognized by CoolKey?

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Since I'm new to smartcard integration, I'm not even sure if Coolkey is the problem, but that is the PKCS #11 module that I am using.

I have RHEL 6.6 with these modules:


When I insert a Gemalto TOP DL GX4 144k smartcard, the ESC Smart Card Manager can recognize it.
I also tested another Oberthur card and it worked fine.
But when I insert a Gemalto Cyberflex Access 64k card, it does not show up.

From researching on Google, it looks like it might be because my system doesn't recognize the ATR? The ATR for this card is 10 bytes, where the ATR for the card(s) that work are 18 (Gemalto) and 19 bytes (Oberthur).

Is there a way to check to see if this is the problem? Is there somewhere on the system that lists "valid" ATR values?