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StackOverflow Assistance Pilot

Purcella Smith published on 2016-06-24T19:39:31+00:00, last updated 2016-07-14T17:55:13+00:00

As a valued customer you have access to extensive content and certain products for developer use, which help you create your applications quickly. We want to assist you wherever you may look for help. We know developers love StackOverflow. For a limited time, as a subscriber you can sign up for our StackOverflow Assistance pilot.

As part of this pilot, we will try to respond within 24 hours to your developer question on a Red Hat product within StackOverflow, if it hasn’t already been answered correctly. This pilot will help us understand how we can better support our customers.

What do you need to do to sign up for the pilot?
In order to participate, we'll need your StackOverflow ID so we recognize the Red Hat product questions you’ve posted. It can be found by clicking on your profile, it is the number that is in the URL.

What is the purpose of the pilot?
We want to support our customers where they ask for support. Today, we know developers love StackOverflow, so we are assessing whether we can introduce ‘StackOverflow Assistance’ as an official offering at some point in the future. This pilot helps us understand more about how best to support you in StackOverflow and we may change or stop the pilot at any time.

Pilot details

When you post a developer question relating a Red Hat product, please use one of the tags we've created. Our goal is to review and respond to any questions that have not been answered correctly within 24 hours.

If your question has been answered correctly, please flag it as ‘correct’ so we know you’re all set and we don’t need to respond.

Please note you can still submit support tickets on Red Hat Customer Portal, based on your active subscription terms and conditions. If you want more of a discussion about your issue, or need to submit confidential information to Red Hat, the Customer Portal ticketing system is still the best channel to use when communicating with us.

Lastly, please continue to use StackOverflow as you normally would for your developer questions, respecting the policies that they already have in place, ex. http://stackoverflow.com/tour, http://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask.


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