Can I use the MidoNet Neutron plugin with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Openstack Platform?

Updated -

A MidoNet Neutron (fomerly Quantum) plugin provided by Midokura has been tested and validated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Enterprise Platform version 3, based on Grizzly. This plugin, version 2013.1.2.mido4-0, supersedes the openstack-quantum-midonet package included in the Red Hat distribution. Support for this plugin is provided directly by Midokura, as specified by Red Hat's support policy for third-party software[1].

This version of the Midonet plugin does not implement the following features:
Creation of multiple subnets
Bulk operations on ports and subnets

For additional information on installing and setting up MidoNet with Red Hat OpenStack technology, customers should contact Midokura at