Can I use the Mellanox iSER volume driver with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Openstack Platform?

Updated -

Mellanox has released an iSER driver for OpenStack. This driver allows customers using Red Hat OpenStack technology and Mellanox Infiniband infrastructure to provision block storage (also known as Cinder) volumes using the corresponding OpenStack APIs. Version 1.0 of the Mellanox iSER OpenStack driver has been tested and validated on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform version 3 (based on Grizzly).

This iSER OpenStack driver depends on iSER extensions not yet available in the current release of OpenStack, so its usage requires specific files provided by Mellanox. The list of these files as well as other installation and configuration details is documented on the Mellanox wiki page for Cinder[1]. As these components are provided by Mellanox, they are covered under Red Hat's support policy for third-part software[2].