AMQ 7 - 7.4.x Resolved Issues

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The AMQ 7.4.2 release is now available for download from the Customer Support Portal. AMQ 7.4.2 is a patch release for AMQ 7.4.0 and can be applied as a patch to an existing broker instance or can be used to create new broker instances. Note, AMQ 7 patches are cumulative and include fixes from previous patch releases as noted below.

The following issues have been resolved in the AMQ 7.4.2 release:

ID Component Summary
ENTMQBR-522 Broker running on windows write problems with remove temp files when shutting down
ENTMQBR-2711 ServerSessionImpl cache does not clear names of deleted temporary destinations & there's no limit on producer target cache
ENTMQBR-2777 Marking a message as changed during expansion could lead to issues during AMQP to Core Conversion.
ENTMQBR-3073 OpenWire session close doesn't cleanup consumer refs
ENTMQBR-3090 Eliminate knownDestinations cache
ENTMQBR-3091 Editing AMQPMessages or Diverts will cause Message Body Loss and its side effects
ENTMQBR-3093 Cancelling pre-fetch buffer will break ordering with AMQP
ENTMQBR-3094 Add option to override InetAddress.isReachable() with purePing()
ENTMQBR-3095 CVE-2014-0114 Apache Struts 1: Class Loader manipulation via request parameters [amq-7.4.0]
ENTMQBR-3097 In multiple scale up/down scenario the broker will have lots of store_and_forward(sf) queues
ENTMQBR-3098 JDBC HA shared store does not take credentials from the jdbc-user and jdbc-password tags
ENTMQBR-3099 [AMQ7, openwire, nullpointer] Errors occurred during the buffering operation : java.lang.NullPointerException
ENTMQBR-3100 [AMQ 7.4, KQUEUE] Unable to check KQueue availability : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io/netty/channel/kqueue/KQueue
ENTMQBR-3101 [artemis-jms-client] if connecting to a list, and if a node is off, initialConnectAttempts=-1 would retry forever once it tried a dead node
ENTMQBR-3102 java.lang.NullPointerException with message replication
ENTMQBR-3107 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory
ENTMQBR-3108 [AMQ7, large messages] LargeMessage doesn't make a full copy of its props
ENTMQBR-3109 DuplicateIDCacheImpl leak
ENTMQBR-3111 AMQ broker does not clean the connection(MQTT) when the connection is broken
ENTMQBR-3112 [AMQ7, purge message, OutOfMemoryException] with a large queue size, removeAllMessages() takes a long time and eventually results in an OOM exception (if enough messages on the queue)
ENTMQBR-3113 Remote JMX server on slave shuts down during failback
ENTMQBR-3114 Qpid JMS client doesn't recover after a complete outage
ENTMQBR-3115 Messages greater than 50kb does not appear on the Hawtio AMQ browser
ENTMQBR-3116 Remove unsupported examples shipped with AMQ 7.3
ENTMQBR-3119 Attribute group-name ignored in replicated colocated configurations
ENTMQBR-3122 CVE-2014-0114 Apache Struts 1: Class Loader manipulation via request parameters [amq-7.4.0]
ENTMQBR-3123 Duplicate amqp messages over cluster
ENTMQBR-3125 Artemis responds with disposition Rejected if queue is full
ENTMQBR-3129 AMQ7 template yaml missing quotes

The following issues have been resolved in the AMQ 7.4.1 release:

ID Component Summary
ENTMQBR-2470 [AMQ7, openwire,redelivery] redelivery counter for message increasing, if consumer is closed without consuming any messages
ENTMQBR-2593 broker does not set message ID header on cross protocol consumption
ENTMQBR-2612 Consumer command, clientID is not saved during JMS exception
ENTMQBR-2624 HornetQ client issue while using JMSMessageID as selector
ENTMQBR-2631 Resource adapter getter should return wrapped objects and not primitive
ENTMQBR-2640 max-saved-replicated-journals-size=0 throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
ENTMQBR-2676 Negative Message Count and Delivering Count with camel-amqp client
ENTMQBR-2702 Broker unresponsive when many consumers have delayed and negative acknowledgement on the same address
ENTMQBR-2708 The subscribed topic is removed if reconnecting to messaging system with legacy-connection-factory
ENTMQBR-2719 Lost messages in scenario with a remote MDB and a long GC pause.
ENTMQBR-2720 Connection Timeout now blocks on the retry, it should be asynchronous
ENTMQBR-2730 Page Loss scenarios