Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit 4.0.1 Release Notes

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These release notes describe the new features and changes implemented for the Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit (RHAMT) 4.0.1 release.

The RHAMT 4.0.1 release is a point release that focuses on addressing issues and improving usability.

Known Issues

At the time of the release the following known issues have been identified as important issues worth highlighting. For a full list of all known issues and issues that have been identified since the release, see this JIRA filter.

ID Component Summary
WINDUP-725 All JavaTypeReference line number information is incorrect when a method or class field has annotations
WINDUP-1362 Eclipse Plugin Rebrand Windup 4.0 entry within Red Hat Central.
WINDUP-1382 Web Console UI: Add filtering of Rules Configuration page
WINDUP-1733 All Cloud rules when target EAP
WINDUP-1793 All Redirections and broken links
WINDUP-1796 Web Console Web UI - Issue Details Headings
WINDUP-1801 Eclipse Plugin Issue Explorer missing labels on some system rulesets
WINDUP-1802 Eclipse Plugin Issue Explorer tree collapses once opening/showing the ruleset view
WINDUP-1806 Eclipse Plugin Refresh issues after resource has been deleted from workspace externally.
WINDUP-1814 Eclipse Plugin Unable to submit ruleset from "Submit Ruleset" view
WINDUP-1819 Eclipse Plugin Ruleset Editor - tooltips don't become visible when hovering on certain labels that should
WINDUP-1877 Eclipse Plugin NullPointerException - when right clicking on element in ruleset editor tree
WINDUP-1892 CLI RHAMT-CLI quits on encountering empty source directories
WINDUP-1895 Web Console Significant number of packages within the app -> browser extremely slow or even unresponsive
WINDUP-1907 Eclipse Plugin Jump to source location not working
WINDUP-1933 Web Console Can’t clear custom rules from analysis

Resolved Issues

At the time of the release the following resolved issues have been identified as important issues worth highlighting. For a full list of all issues resolved in this release, see this JIRA filter.

ID Summary
WINDUPRULE-103 Missing EAP 4+5 rules
WINDUPRULE-182 Create new rule for annotation
WINDUPRULE-183 Create new rule for detecting jboss-service.xml file
WINDUPRULE-184 Rules for annotations @Management and @Service are wrong
WINDUPRULE-185 Create rule for "org.jboss.system.BarrierController" usage
WINDUPRULE-186 Create rule for identifying compression enabled
WINDUPRULE-187 Create new rule for embedded login module in application
WINDUPRULE-188 Create new rule for migrating class usage
WINDUPRULE-189 Add new rule for org.jboss.system.ServiceMBean / org.jboss.system.serviceMBeanSupport
WINDUPRULE-190 Create new rule for jboss-web descriptor element loader-repository
WINDUPRULE-191 Create new rule for detecting cluster-ready applications
WINDUPRULE-192 Create new rule for org.jboss.naming.NamingAlias usage
WINDUPRULE-193 Create new rule for EAP 5 DefaultCacheTimeout value
WINDUPRULE-326 Rules in EAP7 Directory not firing for target EAP7
WINDUPRULE-329 RHAMT XSLT Processor not displaying prefixes correctly
WINDUPRULE-333 EAP 7 rules: update target from "[6,8)" to "[7,8)"
WINDUPRULE-338 Os-specific-00001 remove source=windows
WINDUPRULE-339 jboss-bean.xml not detected
WINDUP-1812 Creating a new hint results in an error
WINDUP-1832 Support creating rule from cursor location
WINDUP-1834 Specifying an alternative RHAMT home directory should also switch the rules directory
WINDUP-1835 Allow a custom ruleset directory to be specified that is outside of the workspace
WINDUP-1839 Rules not uploaded properly through WebUI
WINDUP-1840 Windup runtime plugin bundles 114 unused jars
WINDUP-1869 Start Date must be the time the analysis commenced rather than when it was requested
WINDUP-1870 startup script for rhamt-web-distribution broken on Mac OS X
WINDUP-1872 Multiple targets handling
WINDUP-1873 Eclipse Plugin - rhamt-cli isn't being set to executable
WINDUP-1876 IndexOutOfBoundsException - when creating rule in ruleset editor using '+' button
WINDUP-1879 XmlFile condition handling XPath and file name patterns
WINDUP-1880 Rule Repository view throws class not found exception
WINDUP-1886 Analysing multiple EAR files via Eclipse plugin
WINDUP-1905 Add the JBoss EULA to the binary distributions
WINDUP-1914 CreateSpringBeanReportRuleProvider remove source
WINDUP-1915 org.jboss.windup.rules.apps.javaee.rules.cache.DiscoverEmbeddedCache*LibraryRuleProvider add cloud-readiness target
WINDUP-1935 windup-core-PR-dependents-check build fails
WINDUP-1937 RHAMT Eclipse Plugin win32 server startup fails