Is my Intel X710/XL710 CNA device supported on my RHEL certified system?

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A server is listed as "Certified - Supported" on Red Hat's Hardware Certification site, but it was purchased with a Intel X710/XL710 CNA device. Is that Intel device also certified and supported by Red Hat?


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 and later
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 and later
  • Intel X710/XL710 CNA Device
  • i40e and i40evf drivers
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform (RHELOSP) 5
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform (RHELOSP) 6
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform (RHELOSP) 7
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 8
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 9
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 10


Note: Please note that if you plan to use any NIC for Red Hat OpenStack Platform with DPDK, the status of support for DPDK is clarified in the NFV sections of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform guide and the Red Hat OpenStack Platform NFV guide prevails over the instructions in this document.

The X710/XL710 Adapters are Supported as of the following releases:

  • RHEL 6.8 and above
  • RHEL 7.2 with the addition of the Driver Update Disk dd-i40e-i40evf.el7_2.iso or the kmod-i40e.el7_2 RPMs.
  • RHEL 7.3 and above

The X710/XL710 Adapters are Technology Preview in the following RHEL releases as noted:

Technology Preview features are not supported under Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription services, may not be functionally complete and are generally not suitable for production use. These features were included as a customer convenience and to provide the feature with wider exposure. It is highly recommended that if you are going to use the X710/XL710 adapters in a production environment that you run a version of RHEL that supports the functionality.


Looking over the tech notes for the RHEL 6.8 release, I no longer see the i40e driver in the Tech Preview section. Has this i40e driver been promoted to a production ready status now? If so, can you please update this article to state this change? Thank you.

Please let us know what happened with the i40e driver (support for Intel X710 card) with the RHEL 6.8 release.