Can I use a third-party OpenStack module with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform?

Updated -

Customers may at times wish to use non-Red Hat OpenStack components as part of their RHEL-OSP deployment. The most common use-case is when there is an upstream component that Red Hat does not provide as part of their distribution. Given the fast-moving nature of upstream a customer may want to test an incubated component alongside Red Hat Enterprise Linux Openstack Platform.

**Please note that it is unsupported to replace a Red Hat-shipped Openstack component such as Nova, Cinder, or Keystone with a non-Red Hat component. If Red Hat provides a component then that is the supported package a customer should use.

  • If a customer reports an issue with a Red Hat-shipped OpenStack component then Red Hat will provide full support.
  • If a customer reports an issue with a non-Red Hat-shipped OpenStack component, Red Hat will not be responsible for support. However, if the component has been certified by Red Hat, Red Hat will collaborate the third party per
  • If a customer reports an issue and a combination of Red Hat-shipped and non-Red Hat-shipped component, Red Hat may request that the non-Red Hat shipped module be removed to further diagnose the issue.