Announcing the General Availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7!

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Red Hat is pleased to announce the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, available today on the Red Hat Customer Portal. Built to meet modern datacenter demands as well as next-generation IT requirements, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 lays the foundation for the open hybrid cloud and serves enterprise workloads across converged infrastructures.

While providing the agility, flexibility and stability to meet new requirements head-on without increasing complexity, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 also delivers military-grade security, mission-critical reliability, and the performance and ease-of-use capabilities to efficiently manage and run your environment.

Key Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 features include:

  • Lightweight, portable Docker containers run applications at near bare-metal speed providing isolation and leveraging SELinux for increased security.

  • Improved filesystem enhancements including a default XFS filesystem that supports up to 500TB, improvements to NFS 4 adding extended attributes with SELinux labels, and LVM supporting whole volume snapshots with rollback.

  • Improved interoprability with Microsoft Active Directory domains, allowing Red Hat Enterprise Linux clients to integrate more easily within heterogeneous datacenters.

  • Centralized management of processes, services, security, and other resources using systemd allowing enhanced, granular control of your system.

  • Performance tool utilities such as TUNA, Thermostat, and Performance Co-Pilot to allow you to monitor, measure, and resolve application problems.

  • New management tools like OpenLMI help to create uniformity and standardized administration across systems by managing storage, network, and high-availability resources.

  • Refined control over system subscriptions allows you to set support priority, audit systems reliably, and see how you're using your subscriptions at a glance.

Along with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, we're making improvements to ensure that customers have a better product experience in our Customer Portal. We've made some changes that you can read about on our blog.

Try Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is now available to Red Hat customers and partners, as well as members of the public. If you are interested in trying Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, we can help you get started.

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