Red Hat build of Apache Camel 4.4 is now GA!

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Red Hat® build of Apache Camel 4.4. It is now available to download from the customer portal.

Here is a list of some of the notable features of Camel 4.4.

  • HawtIO diagnostic console UI for troubleshooting and debugging Camel routes
  • Kaoto visual designer UI for Camel integration definitions in VS Code
  • New and enhanced components
    • Jasypt security, JSONPath, JT400, Kudu (Hadoop), Splunk and Splunk HEC (HTTP Event collector), Olingo4 (OData v4 alternative to SAP component), SMB (Samba), Flink, BeanIO for flat file (csv) mapping
    • XJ - Convert between XML and JSON without intermediate objects
    • Saga EIP with LRA - Long running activity Saga binding
    • Kafka batch consumer
    • CXF (SOAP WS) with OpenTelemetry tracking integration
    • Groovy expressions in message filters and other predicates
    • CICS (IBM Z CICS Transaction gateway) with connection pooling, and 2 types of connectivity - Commarea and Channel
  • Newly supported environments
    • JDK21
    • Red Hat build of Apache Camel 4.4 is now certified and supported on OpenShift ppc64Ie (IBM Power) and s390x (IBM Z) architectures.
    • Camel Quarkus on ARM64
    • Camel Spring Boot on Red Hat Device Edge - Microshift 4.15
    • Air-gapped (offline) building on Spring Boot using Offline Maven builder script
  • New quickstarts and solution patterns
    • HTTP SSL, AMQP with connection pooling
    • Fuse to Camel 
    • Edge to Core data pipelines

For more information about Camel 4.4 GA, see the product documentation and What's new in Red Hat build of Apache Camel 4.4 article.

To get up to speed with Enterprise integration in Red Hat, come to our upcoming Camel 4 webinar on 5th June - Optimizing Enterprise Integration Strategies in a World of the Hybrid Cloud

For details on migration from Red Hat Fuse, see the new resources at link

About Red Hat build of Apache Camel 4

Red Hat build of Apache Camel 4 is a versatile application development toolkit for enterprise integration that simplifies and standardizes the practices of connecting diverse systems.

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