Announcing the release of Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.2.1

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We're pleased to announce the release of Red Hat AMQ Streams 2.2.1, a patch release for the LTS version of our product. AMQ Streams simplifies the process of running Apache Kafka on OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The supported platforms for AMQ Streams 2.2.1 are the same as for AMQ Streams 2.2, and the supported version of Kafka for both releases is 3.2.3. Therefore, upgrading to AMQ Streams 2.2.1 from version 2.2 won't require any changes to your infrastructure.

What's new in AMQ Streams 2.2.1

This release fixes several CVEs, enhancing the security of the product AMQ Streams users.
For more information on the issues fixed in the release, see AMQ Streams 2.2.x Resolved Issues.

For more information on the AMQ Streams 2.2.x features and enhancements, see the AMQ Streams 2.2 Release notes.

Get AMQ Streams 2.2.1

Get AMQ Streams 2.2.1 on OpenShift container images from the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

Download AMQ Streams 2.2.1 installation files from the software downloads page.

AMQ Streams 2.2.x documentation

For more information on AMQ Streams, see the product documentation.

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