Introducing the Event-Driven Ansible developer preview

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Red Hat’s new event-driven automation solution, Event-Driven Ansible, is now available as a developer preview. This scalable, responsive automation solution can help you eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks for any IT domain. While this tooling and content are in developer preview, we invite the community, customers, and partners to provide feedback that helps us create the best possible capabilities and integrations for Event-Driven Ansible.

With Event-Driven Ansible, you can:

  • Deliver more value with responsive IT services.
  • Automate IT decision making.
  • Use numerous sources of events.
  • Streamline and simplify IT workflows.
  • Improve security, ensure consistency, and reduce down time.
  • Automate rote tasks to free your IT teams for high-value work.
  • Respond with speed and efficiency at lower costs.

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