Announcing the release of Red Hat 3scale API Management version 2.9

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New and enhanced features included in this version of Red Hat 3scale API Management include:

  • New APIcast policies:

    • Upstream Mutual TLS: establish mutual TLS connections between APIcast and upstream APIs based on the certificates set in the configuration.
    • Custom Metrics: add a new metric to the post action so that the user can report metric information such as upstream headers and status codes.
  • Configure content caching in the 3scale APIcast gateway to set the Expires and Cache-Control headers.

  • Deeper integration with OpenAPI Specification (OAS) 3.0 for ActiveDocs features.

  • Configure the list of currencies for billing.

  • Track analytics data and usage statistics for APIs used as backends.

Several Technology Preview features are provided in this release:

  • Metering labels for 3scale pods so that you can get pre-defined reports from the metering operator, and also see usage data.

  • Backup and restore functionality via the 3scale operator.

  • Using the 3scale capabilities operator, set custom resources to define 3scale tenants, APIs, plans, limits, metrics and other definitions in your 3scale installation.

For a complete list of new and enhanced features in this release, review the Release Notes.

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