Red Hat Customer Portal: What's New on August 20, 2012

Updated -

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Our refreshed 404 page has new flair and highlights the ability to use our global search bar to find the content for which you're searching.

Product Documentation

We've improved our ability to bring you the latest Red Hat product documentation, including several enhancements to the underlying infrastructure. With these fixes, all product documentation is now available exclusively from the Customer Portal.

Defects Fixed:

  • We've fixed a publishing problem resulting from different revisions and publication states in our Knowledgebase. The most recent publication state should now persist, even with a previously published revision.
  • We've fixed a publishing problem that was preventing file attachments to Knowledgebase content under certain circumstances.
  • PDF generation of Knowledgebase content was causing several issues with performance and internationalization. We've elected to remove this feature for the time being.
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