Download and install AMQ Broker version 7.7

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Version 7.7 of Red Hat AMQ Broker is available for download and installation.

Enhancements provided in this release include:

  • Improved handling of expired or undelivered messages: configure the broker for automatic creation of expiry and dead letter resources.

  • Filtering based on AMQP message properties and annotations: before the broker moves an expired or undelivered AMQP message, the broker applies annotations and properties to the message, which a client can specify in a filter.

  • New resource audit logger: the resource audit logger logs events related to authentication, creation or deletion of broker resources from JMX or the AMQ management console, and browsing of messages in the management console.

  • Handling of large AMQP messages: configure an AMQP acceptor to handle an AMQP message larger than a specified size as a large message.

  • Set ranges of message expiry values for addresses: specify minimum and maximum message expiry values for an address or set of addresses.

  • Health checks: perform various health checks on a broker and its queues.

  • Disable metrics collection for a specific address or set of addresses: metrics collection is enabled by default, but now you can disable metrics collection within the address-setting configuration element of a specific address, or set of addresses.

For information about issues that are resolved in this release, see the Fixed Issues section in the Release Notes.

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