Download AMQ Streams version 1.3

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Version 1.3 of Red Hat AMQ Streams is available for download and installation.

The features added in this release include:

  • Kafka 2.3.0 support: upgrade the Cluster Operator to AMQ Streams version 1.3 so that you can upgrade brokers and client applications to Kafka 2.3.0.

  • AMQ Streams Kafka Bridge: the Kafka Bridge provides a RESTful interface to AMQ Streams, offering the advantages of a web API that is easy to use and connect.

  • 3scale integration with the Kafka Bridge: Red Hat 3scale API Management can secure the Kafka Bridge with TLS, and provide authentication and authorization. Integration with 3scale also means that additional features like metrics, rate limiting and billing are now available.

  • Status properties for custom resources: check the current status of a custom resource by querying its status property. The current state and last observedGeneration are available for every resource. Some resources also publish resource-specific information.

  • Kafka Exporter support: enhances monitoring of Apache Kafka brokers and clients. Deploy with a Kafka cluster to extract additional metrics data from Kafka brokers related to offsets, consumer groups, consumer lag, and topics.

These features are available as Technology Previews:

  • Support for distributed tracing with Jaeger. Trace transactions within a typical Kafka architecture using an OpenTracing Java library.

  • OAuth 2.0 authentication using the SASL OAUTHBEARER mechanism. Application clients can access resources on application servers (resource servers) without exposing account credentials.

  • Deploy Red Hat Single Sign-On as an authorization server. Use Red Hat Single Sign-On to configure authentication for Kafka brokers, configure and authorize clients, configure users and roles, and more.

For more information, read about the new features and resolved issues in the Release Notes for the OCP edition and the Release Notes for the RHEL edition.

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