Deprecation of Docker v1 Content

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As of 11th Mar 2019, Red Hat will be retiring support for docker v1 content (v1 API and v1 schema container images) across Red Hat container registries.

All container images hosted on Red Hat container registries will continue to conform to the docker v2 registry API and v2 manifest schema.

How this will affect you

Anyone using an older Docker client (version 1.7 and earlier) or an alternative client dependant on container images using the docker v1 schema, will no longer be able to obtain content from Red Hat container registries after 11th Mar 2019.

The deprecation of Docker v1 content applies to the following Red Hat container registries:

NOTE: which is used to host partner content will not be affected by this change.

Recommended action

Red Hat customers should ensure they upgrade to container runtime clients which are not dependant on the docker v1 schema or API.