Red Hat Satellite 6.4 is now available

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Red Hat is pleased to announce the general availability of Red Hat Satellite 6.4. We have added key features across the areas of configuration management, automation, performance, and usability to help run your Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure more efficiently and securely.

New capabilities in this release include:

  • Ease of automation with Red Hat Ansible integration: Satellite 6.4 includes Ansible Playbooks as a remote execution provider, creating easier and safer ways for customers to make ad-hoc changes to their infrastructure. Additionally, Ansible Roles can now be used as an alternative to Puppet as a desired state provider, complementing use of Ansible Tower for broad-based I.T. automation and orchestration.

  • Efficient subscription management: Subscription manifest updates can be made directly through the Satellite interface, simplifying subscription allocation and updates for customers.

  • Increased supportability: Satellite now fully supports the ability to provision in AWS GovCloud. Additionally, Satellite now allows for the preservation of custom configurations.

  • Full auditability: Every user action is audited and can be forwarded to a customer’s log aggregation or SIEM system, enabling enterprises to track every change made in their environment.

  • Simplified user experience: New vertical navigation to align to other RHT products, enhanced notifications, and a more intuitive user experience.

Visit the Red Hat Satellite product page to download the latest version.

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