Red Hat Fuse version 7.1 released

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Version 7.1 of Red Hat Fuse introduces several significant product updates and a large selection of new features. Highlights for each of the Fuse distributions include:

  • Fuse Online

    • New connectors for Gmail, Kafka, SAP Concur (technology preview), ServiceNow, and Webhook.
    • Updates to several existing connectors, such as the Amazon S3 connector and the Twitter connector.
    • Significant enhancements to the Data Mapper feature.
    • Review or edit an OpenAPI specification in embedded Apicurio Studio to create an API client connector.
    • Install Fuse Online on OpenShift Container Platform using OpenShift operators.
    • Simplified product naming (the name Ignite is no longer used).
  • Fuse on OpenShift

    • Support for XA transactions with scalable deployments to run a Camel service on Spring Boot that supports external transactional resources, with a quickstart and template provided.
    • New centralized Fuse Managment Console now monitors multiple Fuse on OpenShift applications from a single graphical interface.
    • The Fuse Management Console supports end-to-end TLS encryption along the entire route for encrypted communication within the OpenShift cluster.
  • Red Hat Fuse standalone

    • Integration with Red Hat Single Sign-On (Keycloak) is now fully supported.
    • Endpoints can be integrated with Elytron security on the JBoss EAP container.
    • New WSDL to Camel REST DSL wizard in Fuse Tooling helps you migrate WSDL (SOAP) based endpoints to a REST implementation.
    • The REST DSL tab provides a read-only graphical view of the Camel REST DSL endpoints in Fuse Tooling.

See the list of resolved issues for a complete view of the enhancements and fixes that are included in the 7.1 release.

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