Middleware Manager for Red Hat Cloudforms Technology Preview

Updated -

With the Red Hat CloudForms 4.2 release, we are pleased to announce a technology preview of a new provider for JBoss Middleware. The middleware manager for CloudForms provides monitoring and management capabilities for EAP 7.0 in CloudForms.

The middleware manager for CloudForms offers the following features for monitoring and managing EAP 7:

  • Monitoring of JVM memory consumption of garbage collection
  • Monitoring of EAP subsystems
    • Web sessions
    • Transactions
    • DataSources
    • Messaging destinations
  • Reporting on JVM memory, garbage collection, and JCA transactions
  • Datasource and driver creation
  • Application deployment
  • EAP server power operations
  • Graphical topology of
    • EAP Domains and servers
    • Datasources
    • Applications
    • Messaging Destinations
  • Configurable alerting on
    • JVM heap usage
    • JVM non-heap usage
    • Garbage collection duration
  • Event timeline on
    • Application events (deploy, underlay, …)
    • Datasource events

Future releases of the middleware manager for CloudForms will expand the monitoring and management capabilities of the solution to cover EAP 6 in addition to EAP 7, and will expand to cover the rest of the JBoss middleware portfolio of products.

We anticipate the middleware manager for CloudForms will transition from a technology preview release to a fully supported distribution in 2017.

Installation documentation and Release Notes for the middleware manager are available on the support portal.

The middleware manager for CloudForms is packaged in 2 linux containers and is available from the Red Hat container catalog.

Evaluators of the middleware provider for CloudForms are encouraged to log support tickets with feedback on the technology preview in order to provider feedback.