Class SFSToSIFSStore<K,V>

Type Parameters:
K - key type
V - value type
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SFSToSIFSStore<K,V> extends DelegatingNonBlockingStore<K,V>
Store that is used to migrate data from ISPN 12.0 SingleFileStore to an ISPN 13.0 SoftIndexFileStore. This store works identically to a SoftIndexFileStore except that it will first attempt to copy all the entries from a SingleFileStore with the same location as the configured SoftIndexFileStoreConfiguration.dataLocation(). Note that both a segmented and non segmented SingleFileStore is attempted since it could have been either and SoftIndexFileStore only supports segmentation now.
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    • SFSToSIFSStore

      public SFSToSIFSStore()
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