Class SoftIndexFileStoreConfiguration

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public class SoftIndexFileStoreConfiguration extends AbstractStoreConfiguration
Radim Vansa <>
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    • attributeDefinitionSet

      public static AttributeSet attributeDefinitionSet()
    • dataLocation

      public String dataLocation()
    • indexLocation

      public String indexLocation()
    • indexSegments

      @Deprecated(since="15.0", forRemoval=true) public int indexSegments()
      Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
      This is no longer used as we create an index file per cache segment instead
    • maxFileSize

      public int maxFileSize()
    • minNodeSize

      public int minNodeSize()
    • maxNodeSize

      public int maxNodeSize()
    • indexQueueLength

      public int indexQueueLength()
    • syncWrites

      public boolean syncWrites()
    • openFilesLimit

      public int openFilesLimit()
      The maximum number of files that will be open at a given time for all the data and index files, which does not include compactor and current log file (which will always be 2). Note that the number of data files is effectively unlimited, where as we have an index file per segment.

      Index files will reserve 1/10th of the open files, with a minimum value of 1 and a maximum equal to the number of cache segments.

      How many open files SIFS will utilize
    • compactionThreshold

      public double compactionThreshold()
    • index

      public IndexConfiguration index()
    • data

      public DataConfiguration data()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class AbstractStoreConfiguration