Class VersionedRepeatableReadEntry

    • Constructor Detail

      • VersionedRepeatableReadEntry

        public VersionedRepeatableReadEntry​(Object key,
                                            Object value,
                                            Metadata metadata)
    • Method Detail

      • performWriteSkewCheck

        public boolean performWriteSkewCheck​(DataContainer container,
                                             int segment,
                                             PersistenceManager persistenceManager,
                                             org.infinispan.context.impl.TxInvocationContext ctx,
                                             EntryVersion versionSeen,
                                             VersionGenerator versionGenerator,
                                             TimeService timeService)
        container - the data container to check the write skew against
        segment - the segment matching this entry
        persistenceManager - the persistence manager to possibly check write skew against
        ctx - the invocation context
        versionSeen - what version has been seen for this entry
        versionGenerator - generator to generate a new version if needed
        timeService - time service to check if entries are expired
        whether a write skew occurred for this entry
      • getVersion

        public EntryVersion getVersion()
        Specified by:
        getVersion in interface Versioned
        the version of the entry. May be null if versioning is not supported, and must never be null if versioning is supported.
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion​(EntryVersion version)
        Description copied from interface: Versioned
        Sets the version on this entry.
        Specified by:
        setVersion in interface Versioned
        version - version to set