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Chapter 3. Fuse on OpenShift

Fuse on OpenShift is the new name for Fuse Integration Services, which enables you to deploy Fuse applications on OpenShift Container Platform.

3.1. Supported version of OpenShift

For details of the supported version (or versions) of OpenShift Container Platform to use with Fuse on OpenShift, see the Supported Configurations page.

3.2. Supported images

Fuse on OpenShift provides the following Docker-formatted images:

  • fuse7/fuse-java-openshift — Spring Boot
  • fuse7/fuse-karaf-openshift — Apache Karaf
  • fuse7/fuse-eap-openshift — Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
  • fuse7/fuse-console — Hawtio console

3.3. New features

The main new features of Fuse on OpenShift in version 7.0 are:

New JBoss EAP image
This image provides a pre-configured installation of Fuse on JBoss EAP, making it easy to deploy Fuse applications on the JBoss EAP container.
New Hawtio console image
A Hawtio console that eases discovery and management of Hawtio enabled applications deployed on OpenShift.
Improved JVM memory tuning
In the Fuse on OpenShift images, the underlying Java virtual machine has been upgraded to a version with better JVM heuristics.
KARAF_FRAMEWORK_VERSION environment variable

A new KARAF_FRAMEWORK_VERSION environment variable is now provided in the Karaf container environment, making it easier to figure out the version of Apache Karaf that an application is running inside.


This environment variable is intended to be readonly. Do not attempt to change the value of this environment variable.

3.4. Technology Preview features

The following features of Fuse on OpenShift are Technology Preview only and are not supported in Fuse 7.0:

Prometheus metrics
If you already have an installation of Grafana and Prometheus, you can use it to monitor Fuse applications deployed on OpenShift.
XA transactions with scalable deployments
This feature is demonstrated by the spring-boot-camel-xa quickstart and template, which demonstrates how to run a Camel service on Spring Boot that supports two external transactional resources: a JMS resource (AMQ), and a database (PostgreSQL).

3.5. Important notes

Important notes for the Fuse 7.0 release of the Fuse on OpenShift distribution:

Redeploying an application using the Fabric8 Maven plugin

When deploying a Fuse on OpenShift application to OpenShift Container Platform using the Fabric8 Maven plugin, you cannot redeploy the application using just the command mvn fabric8:deploy. Use the following sequence of commands instead:

mvn fabric8:undeploy
mvn fabric8:deploy
Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the only supported operating system
All of the provided Fuse on OpenShift images are based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux O/S.

3.6. Upgrading to Fuse 7.0.1

The Fuse 7.0.1 micro release provides fixes for the issues listed in Chapter 8, Issues Resolved in Fuse 7.0.1. For full details of how to install the Fuse 7.0.1 micro release for Fuse on OpenShift, see Patching Fuse on OpenShift in "Fuse on OpenShift Guide".