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Chapter 4. Using Samba for Active Directory Integration

Samba implements the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The SMB protocol is used to access resources on a server, such as file shares and shared printers.
You can use Samba to authenticate Active Directory (AD) domain users to a Domain Controller (DC). Additionally, you can use Samba to share printers and local directories to other SMB clients in the network.

4.1. Using winbindd to Authenticate Domain Users

Samba's winbindd service provides an interface for the Name Service Switch (NSS) and enables domain users to authenticate to AD when logging into the local system.
Using winbindd provides the benefit that you can enhance the configuration to share directories and printers without installing additional software. For further detail, see the section about Samba in the Red Hat System Administrator's Guide.

4.1.1. Joining an AD Domain

If you want to join an AD domain and use the Winbind service, use the realm join --client-software=winbind domain_name command. The realm utility automatically updates the configuration files, such as those for Samba, Kerberos, and PAM.
For further details and examples, see the Setting up Samba as a Domain Member section in the Red Hat System Administrator's Guide.