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2.5. NetworkManager Tools

Table 2.1. A Summary of NetworkManager Tools and Applications

Application or ToolDescription
nmcliA command-line tool which enables users and scripts to interact with NetworkManager. Note that nmcli can be used on systems without a GUI such as servers to control all aspects of NetworkManager. It has the same functionality as GUI tools.
nmtuiA simple curses-based text user interface (TUI) for NetworkManager
nm-connection-editorA graphical user interface tool for certain tasks not yet handled by the control-center utility such as configuring bonds and teaming connections. You can add, remove, and modify network connections stored by NetworkManager. To start it, enter nm-connection-editor in a terminal:
~]$ nm-connection-editor
control-centerA graphical user interface tool provided by the GNOME Shell, available for desktop users. It incorporates a Network settings tool. To start it, press the Super key to enter the Activities Overview, type Network and then press Enter. The Network settings tool appears.
network connection iconA graphical user interface tool provided by the GNOME Shell representing network connection states as reported by NetworkManager. The icon has multiple states that serve as visual indicators for the type of connection you are currently using.