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1.3. Automated Installation

Anaconda installations can be automated through the use of a Kickstart file. Kickstart files can be used to configure any aspect of installation, allowing installation without user interaction, and can be used to easily automate installation of multiple instances of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
In most situations, you can simply follow the procedure outlined in Section 4.2, “Automatic Installation” to create and configure a Kickstart file, which can be used to perform an arbitrary number of non-interactive installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Kickstart files can be automatically created based on choices made using the graphical interface, through the online Kickstart Generator tool, or written from scratch using any text editor. For more information, see Section 27.2.1, “Creating a Kickstart File”.
Kickstart files can be easily maintained and updated using various utilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For more information, see Section 27.2.2, “Maintaining the Kickstart File”.