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E.2.2. /proc/cmdline

This file shows the parameters passed to the kernel at the time it is started. A sample /proc/cmdline file looks like the following:
ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 rhgb quiet 3
This tells us that the kernel is mounted read-only (signified by (ro)), located on the first logical volume (LogVol00) of the first volume group (/dev/VolGroup00). LogVol00 is the equivalent of a disk partition in a non-LVM system (Logical Volume Management), just as /dev/VolGroup00 is similar in concept to /dev/hda1, but much more extensible.
For more information on LVM used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, see
Next, rhgb signals that the rhgb package has been installed, and graphical booting is supported, assuming /etc/inittab shows a default runlevel set to id:5:initdefault:.
Finally, quiet indicates all verbose kernel messages are suppressed at boot time.