Interface ConduitWrapper<T extends org.xnio.conduits.Conduit>

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    public interface ConduitWrapper<T extends org.xnio.conduits.Conduit>
    Interface that provides a means of wrapping a Conduit. Every conduit wrapper has a chance to replace the conduit with a conduit which either wraps or replaces the passed in conduit. However it is the responsibility of either the conduit wrapper instance or the conduit it creates to ensure that the original conduit is eventually cleaned up and shut down properly when the request is terminated.
    Stuart Douglas
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        T wrap​(ConduitFactory<T> factory,
               HttpServerExchange exchange)
        Wrap the conduit. The wrapper should not return null. If no wrapping is desired, the original conduit should be returned.
        factory - the original conduit
        exchange - the in-flight HTTP exchange
        the replacement conduit