Class ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder

All Implemented Interfaces:
ConfigurationChildBuilder, Builder<ConnectionPoolConfiguration>

public class ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder extends AbstractConfigurationChildBuilder implements Builder<ConnectionPoolConfiguration>
ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder. Specifies connection pooling properties for the HotRod client.
Tristan Tarrant
  • Method Details

    • attributes

      public AttributeSet attributes()
      Specified by:
      attributes in interface Builder<ConnectionPoolConfiguration>
    • exhaustedAction

      public ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder exhaustedAction(ExhaustedAction exhaustedAction)
      Specifies what happens when asking for a connection from a server's pool, and that pool is exhausted.
    • exhaustedAction

      public ExhaustedAction exhaustedAction()
      Returns the configured action when the pool has become exhausted.
      the action to perform
    • maxActive

      public ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder maxActive(int maxActive)
      Controls the maximum number of connections per server that are allocated (checked out to client threads, or idle in the pool) at one time. When non-positive, there is no limit to the number of connections per server. When maxActive is reached, the connection pool for that server is said to be exhausted. The default setting for this parameter is -1, i.e. there is no limit.
    • maxActive

      public int maxActive()
      Returns the number of configured maximum connections per server that can be allocated. When this is non-positive there is no limit to the number of connections.
      maximum number of open connections to a server
    • maxWait

      public ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder maxWait(long maxWait)
      The amount of time in milliseconds to wait for a connection to become available when the exhausted action is ExhaustedAction.WAIT, after which a NoSuchElementException will be thrown. If a negative value is supplied, the pool will block indefinitely.
    • minIdle

      public ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder minIdle(int minIdle)
      Sets a target value for the minimum number of idle connections (per server) that should always be available. If this parameter is set to a positive number and timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis > 0, each time the idle connection eviction thread runs, it will try to create enough idle instances so that there will be minIdle idle instances available for each server. The default setting for this parameter is 1.
    • minEvictableIdleTime

      public ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder minEvictableIdleTime(long minEvictableIdleTime)
      Specifies the minimum amount of time that an connection may sit idle in the pool before it is eligible for eviction due to idle time. When non-positive, no connection will be dropped from the pool due to idle time alone. This setting has no effect unless timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis > 0. The default setting for this parameter is 1800000(30 minutes).
    • maxPendingRequests

      public ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder maxPendingRequests(int maxPendingRequests)
      Specifies maximum number of requests sent over single connection at one instant. Connections with more concurrent requests will be ignored in the pool when choosing available connection and the pool will try to create a new connection if all connections are utilized. Only if the new connection cannot be created and the exhausted action is set to ExhaustedAction.WAIT the pool will allow sending the request over one of the over-utilized connections. The rule of thumb is that this should be set to higher values if the values are small (< 1kB) and to lower values if the entries are big (> 10kB). Default setting for this parameter is 5.
    • withPoolProperties

      public ConnectionPoolConfigurationBuilder withPoolProperties(Properties properties)
      Configures the connection pool parameter according to properties
    • create

      public ConnectionPoolConfiguration create()
      Description copied from interface: Builder
      Create the configuration bean
      Specified by:
      create in interface Builder<ConnectionPoolConfiguration>
    • read

      Description copied from interface: Builder
      Reads the configuration from an already created configuration bean into this builder. Returns an appropriate builder to allow fluent configuration
      Specified by:
      read in interface Builder<ConnectionPoolConfiguration>
      template - the configuration from which to "clone" this config if needed.
      combine - the way attributes and children of this instance and the template should be combined.